One way from Ciampino city and AIRPORT to Rome Termini Station(Via Marsala)
One way from Roma Termini Station(Via marsala)
One way from Rome Termini Station(Via Marsala) to CIAMPINO AIRPORT and city
One way from Fiumicino city and AIRPORT to Vatican(Via Crescenzio) and Roma Termini Station(Via Marsala)
A/R Roma-Ciampino
Round trip from Roma or from Ciampino
A/R Roma-Fiumicino
Round trip from Roma or from Fiumicino


Kids under the age of 4 travel free of charge. The transport of luggage is included in the price of the ticket. In case of loss or damage caused by the carrier should occur, article 2 of the 1. n. 450/1985 will be applied in which a fixed amount of compensation of 6.20 Euro per kilogram, with a maximum limit of 123.29 Euro per luggage. The loss or damage belongings have to be reported at the moment of the withdrawal of the laguage from the vehicle's boot. As per security reasons, it is forbidden to carry dangerous goods such as inflammable, corrosive or oxidizing items. Tickets are not refundable. Before the departure of the bus is possible to change the date and time you booked requiring it by email to sit@sitbus.com. Wherever you miss your bus due to flight delay your ticket is still valid for any other departure of our bus throughout the same day. Any item which will be found on board will be delivered to the SIT s.r.l. Head Office in Rome, Viale Ostiense 256 The traveler will be able to report any complaint To the Head Office located in Viale Ostiense 256