Ciampino car rental

Rome Ciampino Airport Car Rental

Turning to car rental at Ciampino airport, to get to the city of Rome, is an option to consider once you arrive at the airport. Being independent in moving around is important, especially if you are coming to Rome on business and need to be able to move between the various towns in the province. The traffic in the capital, however, both because of the stress that driving on the great ring road brings and the difficulty of finding parking, and driving, in the city, makes the choice of renting a car at Ciampino airport less appealing.

One must also consider that car rental companies block credit cards for an amount equal to the guarantee against any damage caused to the car: in fact, it often happens that one can no longer use one’s credit card in Rome because of the threshold reached due to this precaution put in place by car rental service providers.

Much easier, and safer, is to turn to a bus transfer service to and from Ciampino Airport, such as SITBusShuttle. At an incredible price of 6 euros, the stress of traffic is taken care of by a professional driver, and the journey to central Rome is comfortable and convenient.

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