Ciampino parking near the airport

Parking at Ciampino airport, does it pay off?

Finding a parking spot near Ciampino Airport is not easy. When you have to pick up relatives or friends coming back to Rome from a trip, it’s really hard to find a place to park your car. If you have to leave from Rome Fiumicino Airport, your only choice seems to leave your car far from the airport, and use a shuttle service to get to the terminal.

Why make yourself crazy looking for your car in a huge car park at night, after a long flight, when you could save money and time buying a bus ticket to Rome Termini station!

SITBusShuttle offers a bus transfer service between Ciampino Airport and Rome, at an affordable price you can travel comfortably and get to Termini train station for only 6 euros. Book your tickets, one way or a round trip, now!

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