ATAC service to Ciampino airport: what you need to know

ATAC, the company which manages the public transport in Rome, has established 2 new bus lines which connect with Ciampino Airport: the 720, which connects the Airport with the subway stop of Laurentina (B) throughout a route of 22 bus stops, and the 520, which connects the airport with the subway stop of Cinecittà (A) throughout a route of 9 bus stops. ATAC’s objective is delivering a new service that could give to users the possibility to catch a public bus to reach the city centre of Rome from the Airport.

We should study more on deep the characteristics of both the bus lines, 720 and 520, in order to lead our customers to a right choice of the best shuttle which connects Ciampino Airport with the city centre of Rome (and even the other way around).

Below I will try to give you an overall picture of this system, comparing our service with the already existing one (provided by SIT, the Bus Shuttle that connects Ciampino Airport with the city centre of Rome), in order to direct users to a right and conscious choice:

– The route

The 720 route of Atac counts 22 bus-stops with the subway stop of Laurentina (B) as terminal. It means that the travel times are durable, and the schedule is variable. Tourists (we imagine that they will be the most users) will need to catch another mean of transportation to reach the city centre of Rome. There will be a similar condition for the users of the 520 line, which doesn’t connect directly with the city centre of Rome, but with a suburb subway stop of the A line. On the other hand, the SitBusShuttle provides a direct service between the airport and the centre of the city of Rome, it means Termini Station.

– Quality of the trip

Delay, cleaning and comfort of the means of transportation, availability of the personnel are all element that make the difference, above all if you want that his/her own trip from Ciampino Airport to the city centre of Rome is comfortable. SitBusShuttle service provides to its own users next-gen bus, timeliness in the schedule, air conditioning, cleaning and comfort on board, including the presence of free Wi-Fi. Furthermore, the preboarding processes are facilitated by the presence of young people in each bus stops, which carry out several tasks, from helping users in purchase of the tickets, to give information about the trip (just like journey time or time of arrival).

Online booking

Another difference between Atac service and that of SitBusShuttle is due to the possibility to book his/her own sit, buying the ticket online before the date of departure or arrival. Nobody travels upright, everybody will be sit comfortably in a relaxing seat.

We think that SitBusShuttle, our airport shuttle (from and to the Ciampino’s Airport), is much simpler and safer than the other services. You will avoid the stress to reach the city centre of Rome or Ciampino’s airport with a competitive price, but above all with a direct and pleasant trip.

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