FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Before you go

Where can i purchase tickets?

You can buy tickets online, on board our buses, at stops, at the desk at Ciampino airport or at authorized local dealers.

When do I have to go to the bus stop?

15 minutes before the selected departure time to validate your presence at the stop and confirm your journey.

Is it possible to purchase ticket on spot?

Yes, at each stop you can buy tickets from our ground staff or directly from the driver.

How many time prior should I purchase my online ticket?

You can buy your ticket online at any time, the important thing is to go to the stop 15 minutes before the selected time.

Where is the bus stop located?

The addresses can be found both in the "Bus Stops" section of the website and on the tickets purchased.

Where can I find the timetable?

On our web site you only need to enter the departure date and time, the system will show you all available rides. If you wish to have a PDF copy of the timetable on your smartphone you can download it in the "times and rates" section of the website.

Do children travel for free?

Children up to 4 years old travel free of charge.

Should I pay an extra for the baggage?

No, luggage is included in the ticket price.

Do I need to print my ticket?

No, you can show the ticket from your smartphone.

Is it possible to modify/delate my ticket?

Tickets are not refundable. It is possible to change the date and time of the ticket within 24h before the selected day, communicating it to sit@sitbus.com . It is also possible to ask to leave it for a future run over a year.

What happens if you delay your flight?

If you miss your booked bus due to a flight delay, your ticket will still be valid for any other journey departing from the airport on the same day.

On board

Are pets allowed?

Yes, small and medium-sized pets are allowed, also large guide dogs. In both cases it is necessary to buy the ticket in order to leave the next seat free. They have to stay in a pet bag or carrier.

Is the ticket valid only for the booked time?

In case of any problems, you can use the ticket for the route before or after the booked one (on the same date). Availability of the service and free seats may vary.

Is it possible to bring special luggage (e.g. bicycles, strollers)?

Yes, as long as foldable, placed in the luggage compartment and responsibility of the owner.

After your journey

I have lost my baggage/my personal items on board, what can i do?

You can contact us at sit@sitbus.com or on the facebook page. Any objects found on board buses are deposited at the headquarters of SIT s.r.l. in Rome, Viale Ostiense 256 - 00144. The return service is available from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 to 13.00 and from 14.00 to 18.00.

If your question has not been answered, please contact us on our Facebook page . We are pleased to help you!